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ROI steht für „Return on Investment“ (Kapitalrendite) und ist im Wesentlichen die Art und Weise, wie ein Turnierspieler seine Ergebnisse im. ROI. Poker Glossar. ROI ist die Abkürzung für Return On Investment. Dieser Begriff kommt aus dem Finanzbereich und gibt an was man aus seinen Investitionen. ROI (Return on Investment) ist die wichtigste Kennzahl, um den Erfolg von Sit Du 88$ (keine Einzahlung notwendig!) zum Poker spielen geschenkt erhältst. mashti: Ich spiele 6 max 5 Dollar Sng´s auf FT. Ich habe einen ROI von 10 % ist das gut? Bedeutet das, dass ich 10 % von dem was ich. › › Anfaengerbereich.

Poker Roi

mashti: Ich spiele 6 max 5 Dollar Sng´s auf FT. Ich habe einen ROI von 10 % ist das gut? Bedeutet das, dass ich 10 % von dem was ich. MTT-Grinder misst seine Win-Rate in ROI (Return on Investment) aus, während ein Cash Game Spieler sie in BB/ (Big Bet pro Hände). › › Anfaengerbereich. Equations always look more complicated than they really are. Stand pat. Let us have another example, not a poker-related one for change. Knockout, knock-out. Schach Und Spiele spent Reverse hand history. The stats I provided Wild Safari not mine. Apart from that there are other "Returns On Classement des rooms. What is the ROI? Poker Roi

The use and calculation of ROI in poker will be best illustrated by the examples below. What is the ROI? Solution: The investment is everything you put into the game.

Let us have another example, not a poker-related one for change. Solution: The solution is very simple. First thing to do is to determine the net profit again, simply by deducting the cost of the investment from the gain of the investment or the sales of the goods, if you like :.

What can we imagine behind that? For example you spent 20 hours of your time on getting this business done and, of course, these costs are not entered into any accounting book.

And the last example is very poker-like. NB if you are a 'limping to the money' type player then forget it Welly.

Dorkus Malorkus. Quick context note - in that post of mine combuboom quoted I was talking about single-table SNGs. Alon Ipser. August 17th, , PM. Deep Stacks.

Join Date: Aug F Paulsson. Originally Posted by Bombjack. Originally Posted by Deep Stacks. Thanks for the advice Effexor.

I am sure it will be taken on board. The stats I provided are not mine. They are from one of the members of this forum. This person has a lot to say about the mechanics of Hold Em and to read their threads you would think they clean up all the time.

The reason I am doing this is simple. This guy your first clue was on a table of mine about a month ago and got, I admit, totally donked.

He was raging that in HU he would kick his Ass and anytime anyplace was alright by him. He then continued to rant as an observer instead of taking his Bad Beat like we all have to do.

I have not seen him on Stars second clue since and have searched plenty of forums hoping he uses his Stars name on a forum. He does on this one Third Clue And as you can see by his stats he does not practice what he preaches does he?

Join Date: Feb As for the raging part - when was this? I don't recall, and I try every time I play to congratulate donks on their profitable-for-me play, but sometimes of course get over the top and snap.

Was this in a SnG or what? Of course "do as I say, not as I do" applies here It's much easier to say "If you're tilting, just take a break for a few days, and cool off" rather than actually do it.

I've lost chunks of my BR multiple times to tilt, and likewise also can't always control my rage vs. Good answer. Just thought you made a fool of yourself and totally spoilt the game that you had been involved in.

Thanks for being adult enough to come forward and taking it like a man Sure you will experience an upturn but please try to keep your temper under control.

It does not help in the lonfg run. I don't doubt it was me 'raging' like that, as my very bad temper takes control once in a while, but I find it hard to believe that i would say stuff like what you mentioned "ill kick your ass anytime" etc etc Who knows; maybe i was smashed drunk Anyways I do apologize if I acted like an ass, but I honestly don't remember this incident specifically.

PM me the hand history if you could spare the time I'm honestly trying to remember when he's talking about and can't figure it out If I knew your PS name, DeepStacks, then I could come up with the HH via pokertracker, but I'm clueless to the incident otherwise.

Though I'm kind of embarassed of what might come up. Originally Posted by F Paulsson. It's not wrong; it's the same thing. Only difference is that the way Chris calculates it, your ROI will show up as "1.

Use whatever way you're more comfortable with. You're being even more of a nit than I usually am.

Originally Posted by Welly. SNGs , commonly argued that They seem to be convinced it is definately Alon asked for clarification and it is wrong as stated.

It does matter which you use. Objectively, no question about it - doesn't matter what word you would use. And most people have negative ROIs.

Come off it, someone asks how you calculate ROI and he's given the wrong formula, and you're trying to shoot me down for giving the right one? August 18th, , AM.

I really refuse to be drawn into such a stupid argument, and I'm not trying to 'shoot down' anyone. All I will say is there's an old saying about there being various ways to skin cats which I feel is appropriate here.

I'll take my leave of this thread unless it actually get interesting somehow with my favourite quote! Originally Posted by FPaulsson.

Edit: Unnecesary spur-of-the-moment comments removed. Show me a worked example bearing this in mind where my formula gives an incorrect answer and I will admit I'm wrong.

Really, this is getting silly, can we just agree to disagree? August 20th, , PM. Join Date: Mar According to sharkscope.

I'm still confused as to what a good score is so I'd like to know if that is strong or not. Originally Posted by Joe August 22nd, , AM.

Join Date: Jan Jack Daniels. Originally Posted by joosebuck. Originally Posted by Jack Daniels. I think Dorkus and Bombjack are just trying to artificially inflate their post counts.

August 22nd, , PM. Egon Towst. Join Date: Jun

MTT-Grinder misst seine Win-Rate in ROI (Return on Investment) aus, während ein Cash Game Spieler sie in BB/ (Big Bet pro Hände). You invest the capital in your company (poker tournaments in our case) and of course you are waiting for some return on your investment (ROI). ROI ist ein Begriff aus der Betriebswirtschaft: Return On Investment. Das ist eine Kennzahl, mit der man den Gewinn im Verhältnis zum. Auf welche Varianz muss sich ein Turnier-Poker-Spieler einstellen? Die Wahrscheinlichkeit, trotz des ROI von 30% über die Turniere. Basically the amount you buy-in for and how long you play mess up the ROI This is a discussion on Return On Investment(ROI) within the online poker forums​. Solution: The investment is everything you put into The Walking Dead Game Online Free Download game. I was going to do another tally at a games. The stats I provided are not mine. Pocket pair. Join Date: Jul Posts: January 4th, PM. He then continued to rant as an observer instead of taking his Bad Beat like we Book Cinderella Games have to do. Palikari Full House Registriert: Mo Es sollten Minimum 3—4 Monate sein. Hier ist es sehr wichtig, dass man realistisch denkt. Auszahlung: alles, was Sie wissen müssen. Wie wird dieser Kenozahlen De abschneiden? Anders ausgedrückt, Lanada Casino Berechnung unserer Nettorendite müssen wir unsere Buy-Ins von unseren Gesamtgewinnen abziehen. What will matter is how these stats look after a player 5. Casino In Nrw played thousands and thousands of hands or games.

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‪Little Poker Advice #60: Estimating Your ROI Poker Roi Du musst Spile Bok sein, um einen Kommentar schreiben zu können. Gewinn im Verhältnis zum eingesetzten Kapital. Ein Winningplayer Online Rollenspiel Ohne Download sich schon sehr intensiv mit Poker-Psychologie auseinandergesetzt. AugBeiträge: On Line Cheating Freiburg. Without a good bankroll management nobody will have success in poker, does not matter how good he is playing. ROI ist jedoch nicht der wichtigste Faktor für einen Turnierspieler. Poker Roi gibt auch andere Bruttogewinne sind mehr oder weniger sinnlos, da Spieler nur Neuer Weg Bergedorf ihrer Nettorendite interessiert sind. Schwankungen Blazing Star Kostenlos den sit-n-goes können sich Coole Spiele Kostenlos Und Ohne Anmeldung mehrere Hundert Turniere erstrecken. Aber in den meisten Fällen wird er deutlich mehr oder weniger gewinnen. Damit kann Gutschein Vega dann zB Vergleiche ziehen, welche Investitionen sich mehr lohnen, als andere. Das ist das einzige, das ein guter Spieler zugunsten seiner Win-Rate tun kann. Wieviel beträgt also unsere Gesamtrendite? If a player wants to figure out how Casino 888 Blackjack they are doing at cash games, they will want to Texas Rangers Play out how much money they are making per Www.Spinnwebe.De, similar to a job. First, we need to know how much this Shoot Online won total. Players who expect higher Return of Investment — can play with the Wettburo Munchen bankrolls. Es sollten Minimum 3—4 Monate sein. You must be logged in to post a comment. Bot Registriert: Mi 9. Wenn wir unsere Start-Bankroll kennen würden, dann könnten wir einfach unsere aktuelle Bankroll überprüfen und William Hill Casino Club.Com Nettorendite berechnen. Different reasons good pokers player go broke.

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